Core Stability

What exactly is core stability? This term gets thrown around pretty often these days in both the fitness world and the PT world. You ask five different practitioners, and well you might get five different answers. In the gym you may see people walking around looking...

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Knee Pain – The Front of My Knee Hurts!

Mezl-Blog2Amanda, a thirty four year old Australian triathlete, came into the office last week. “G’Day Dr. Metzl”, she squawked. “I love to run, but here’s the problem. The front of my knee is hurting so badly that I can barely move …

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Having a Safe Pedicure

Roseanna-Blog2Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to kick off our shoes and show off those feet. To keep them looking their best, we often head to the pedicurist/nail salon. But what is lurking in the salon, may end up making your feet look ugly …

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Eat To Hydrate

Kim-Blog2There’s no getting around it…it’s July and it’s HOT!  We all know how important hydration is when it’s this hot and humid outside, but chugging down plain water can get boring and opting for high-calorie sugar-sweetened beverages can take a …

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Putting the Wrong Shoe on the Right foot

Roseanna-Blog2New York is the city of walkers. Recent statistics boast that Manhattan has become the healthiest cardiac city with high life extensions that are all related to the amount of time we spend walking each day.  From the subway stairs to the …

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Bounce Back: From Injury to Cardio!

kristen-blog2We’ve all been there. We’re in the habit of going to the gym, eating right, and are a few short weeks away from attaining a new personal fitness goal. That is until your back starts acting up. After completing physical therapy and a comprehensive home exercise program has resulted in …

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