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Some Lessons From The Other End: Being a Patient as a Physical Therapist
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Life sometimes throws you curveballs. As physical therapists we are expected to be the image of excellent health and optimal musculoskeletal function. I loved physical therapy school and everything about it. I was an athlete is college and ran at a high level of competition at the University of Miami in FL so it was natural I gravitated towards physical therapy. I was use to taking every task at hand with 100 percent effort non- stop. I wasn’t just a jogger, I was a competitor. If it wasn’t all out then what was the point?   Life had different plans for me though, and these plans are what shaped me into a better physical therapist then if I went on into life without a hitch with my “go hard attitude.” Suddenly after having no pain all through my college track career, I was diagnosed with left sided hip dysplasia shortly after physical therapy school. I…

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Preventing Injury with Proper Nutrition
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Kim-Blog2Spring is here in NYC, the weather is warming up and it seems everyone is out walking, running or cycling!  As we dive into the spring and summer training seasons, it’s important to focus on proper nutrition not just to power your workouts …

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