My physician is referring me to physical therapy. Why should I choose Spring Forward Physical Therapy?
Your physician will provide you with a prescription and may direct you where to go for physical therapy. While there are many options for physical therapy, not all clinics are the same. Some physical therapy practices treat multiple patients at the same time or rely on the use of aides and assistants. We, however, always have one on one care, and your rehabilitation is always directly with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our goal is to fix you quickly but also to fix you well. Reducing pain and getting improvements is the easy part. We also always determine what the cause of the problem is and work on that concurrently. That way the injury is less likely to return.
Do I need a prescription from my doctor to receive physical therapy?
In many cases, it is not required. Since our physical therapists have Doctorates, in New York that entitles them to Direct Access and are able to diagnose injuries. However, in some cases, your particular insurance may require it initially or when we need to request additional visits. If you need to see an orthopedic doctor, we can recommend one to you from our list of preferred providers based on your injury and preferred geographic location.
What insurances do you accept?
We accept most insurances and are in-network with Medicare. Upon calling for your appointment, our office staff will verify your benefits prior to your first visit.
My doctor is advising surgery, but I want to try physical therapy first. Can I do that?
You have every right to decide what is best for you. In fact, many surgeries can be avoided. In addition, research has shown that outcomes post-surgery are often better with physical therapy prior to the surgery.
What will happen at my physical therapy treatment sessions?
At your initial appointment, one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy will evaluate your symptoms and help you develop a plan of care that is individualized for you. We avoid “cookie-cutter approaches” based on what is typical for the diagnosis because every person is different. We treat the patient, not the diagnosis. Often patients are surprised to find the problem and or weakness is not at the source of the pain. We will develop a plan of care that involves a team approach between you and your physical therapist.

For your follow up appointments, we will focus on manual treatments and progress your exercise program as necessary to support your improvements. Your entire Home Exercise Program will consist of exercises that can be performed at home – not just at the gym – so compliance to your program is easier. We will work on improving your range of motion and strength and will use modalities such as cold laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, cryotherapy, moist heat, traction and many others as well.

We talk often with your referring physician, keeping them informed of your improvement and incorporating their feedback.

What should I bring to my first visit?
At your initial evaluation, please bring your insurance card and prescription (if you have one). Allow time to fill out our paperwork and forms. You can bring comfortable clothes to change into, or we have clothes that you can borrow for your session. Comfortable shoes are welcome as well, but not required.
How long is a treatment session?
Your initial appointment will be up to an hour, and the follow ups are at least 30 minutes depending on diagnosis and modality used.
How much time will I spend directly with my physical therapist?
At Spring Forward Physical Therapist our entire session is one-on-one with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. We do not employ physical therapy assistants or aides. Our physical therapists work only with one patient at a time as well.


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