Physical Therapy Prehab

“Prehab” is a term used to describe physical therapy that takes place BEFORE a surgical procedure. By addressing restrictions and limitations in muscles, connective tissue, and joints PRIOR to surgery, patients will exhibit improved outcomes and quicker recovery following their surgical procedure. Prehab can be performed prior to any type of surgery, but is commonly done before knee, hip, or shoulder replacement, ACL repair, meniscus surgery, rotator cuff repair, and back surgery. Just like you wouldn’t run a marathon without first training for it, prehab physical therapy optimally prepares the body for the trauma of surgery and the healing process that takes place in the weeks and months following. Prehab helps decrease post-surgical recovery time, pain levels, and complications. Patient’s also have the opportunity during this time to learn about what their upcoming surgery entails and how to prepare themselves, their caretakers, and their home environment for the recovery process.


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