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5.0 Yelp

Review from Michael K.

Source: Yelp | Feb 4, 2024

I had a great experience here working with Danielle Weis! Danielle helped me improve my chronic shoulder issue, which had been bothering me for years. She always maximized the time we had in our sessions and was a pleasure to get to know during our sessions. The facility is also very nice, modern, and has lots of natural light! Highly recommend!
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from J.D.

Source: ZocDoc | Apr 5, 2023

recent physical injury brought about by a long hike, led me to Anna Kuljian’s care and she created a regime of physical therapy for my ailments. In only two sessions, she restored my mobility and made my pains disappear. Then she expanded my range of movements through advanced exercises, leading me to a higher level of physical dexterity while increasing my resistance. In the space of ten sessions, she pushed me to a new level of physical strength and flexibility I’d never imagined I could reach. I’d recommend Anna Kuljian to anyone in need of physical therapy. She is a high-level physical therapist, very thoughtful and organized, and she achieves great results for her patients!
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from S.S.

Source: ZocDoc | Mar 10, 2023

Anna is delightful to work with: patient and sensitive to my needs. We start on time. She encourages me without pushing. I'm improving!
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from B.H.

Source: ZocDoc | Mar 7, 2023

Anna is an awesome PT who is always upbeat and a pleasure to work with. She has helped me with my ankle rehabilitation and is well versed in all the exercises that will help me strengthen my ankle and return to optimal condition. Highly recommend working with her 🙂
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from R.P.

Source: ZocDoc | Mar 2, 2023

Excellent, attention oriented physical therapy professional I strongly recommend.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from W.H.

Source: ZocDoc | Feb 10, 2023

Anna is one of if not THE best PT I've ever had. You can tell she's very kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly, CARES about her client. She actually treats you 1:1 the whole time as opposed to other PTs who just leave you to their aide and/or other clients
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from B.W.

Source: ZocDoc | Jan 20, 2023

Great really getting back to full strength through targeted workouts and positivity.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from K.B.

Source: ZocDoc | Jan 15, 2023

Dr Anna Kuljian really goes the extra mile. She has shared and summarized the clinical practice guidelines for my condition for me on her own time. She has shared information about helpful equipment. She has also done hands on treatment which has been extremely helpful. I highly recommend her as a physical therapist.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from E.F.

Source: ZocDoc | Dec 30, 2022

My 7- year old daughter injured her knee and has been seeing Dr. Kuljian for knee pain. It’s really been helping. She has also been teaching her how to use her body so she doesn’t get hurt again.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from M.C.

Source: ZocDoc | Dec 20, 2022

Anna is a great PT! She really takes the time to understand your issue, diagnose you, and come up with lots of stretches and exercises to help treat you. She is extremely thoughtful and thorough. Highly recommend!
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from S.B.

Source: ZocDoc | Dec 10, 2022

My visit was great. My physical therapist Anna Kuljian is great. I love her. She is very nice, patient and good sense of humor. She she challenges me with various exercises to relieve my pain, strengthen my body parts that need strengthening and gives me more flexibility and more mobility to get back into my daily routine.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from M.R.

Source: ZocDoc | Dec 5, 2022

Anna is fantastic! This was my fist time doing PT after a broken ankle. She quickly helped me make huge improvements in my recovery but at the same time is very patient and cautious not to reinjure anything. She definitely goes the extra effort to help and proactively sent me a link to an ankle brace that has been very helpful.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from A.G.

Source: ZocDoc | Nov 25, 2022

Anna has been incredibly friendly and attentive during each of my appointments! Always a great experience.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from D.O.

Source: ZocDoc | Oct 30, 2022

Dr. Anna Kuljian is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled physical therapist and also a very good natured, friendly and pleasant person. My visits have been extremely helpful -- I have been visiting her for chronic neck pain and stiffness (with occasional joint catching an spasms) due to degenerative cervical spine changes associated with aging, and the treatment plan she has designed has had excellent results. After just 3 weeks the pain is much better (almost gone) and the range of motion is much improved. Her plan is well thought out and sustainable over time, with exercises to help improve my posture and back and neck strength and to help prevent recurrences in the future. I can't recommend her highly enough!
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from C.T.

Source: ZocDoc | Oct 24, 2022

Dr Kuljian was very knowledgeable. Her demeanor was always pleasant and attentive. I am very happy with my treatment. I would highly recommend Dr Kuljian.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from A.O.

Source: ZocDoc | Oct 22, 2022

Great and enthusiastic PT!
5.0 Google

Review from Peter D.

Source: Google | Mar 27, 2022

Dr Berman explained everything to me about the cause of my sciatica and what he can do to help the healing. Then he sent me exercises to do at home (videos - more helpful than written explanations) to supplement the sessions with him. I have had good results from his treatment. If you have chronic back pain I think Dr Berman is. your guy.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from A.L.

Source: Healthgrades | Mar 10, 2022

This was my first experience with PT and I came in with a bad shoulder. Danielle was great at assessing the problem, and in each sessions we saw the improvements. What I really liked is the willingness to take time and explain the problem and ways to improve in detail. Danielle is really friendly and she also emailed me all the home exercises with description and images on how to do them, which was very helpful.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Stephany B.

Source: Healthgrades | Mar 10, 2022

I can NOT rave enough about my time spent with Danielle and SpringForward PT. I have been seeing Danielle for a few months now for my shoulder and she has done wonders working on it. I decided to run a half marathon, heel had been bothering me so we worked on it. After the race I ended up straining my foot and she was so quick about helping me find a doctor to x-ray it and get me diagnosed so we could start the healing process. She is very professional and friendly. Everyone is here! If I could give 10 stars I would!
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from J.K.

Source: Healthgrades | Mar 10, 2022

Danielle is incredible. She is by far the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. Her knowledge and expertise is amazing. She listened and carefully diagnosed me, clearly explained everything, and created a successful and dynamic program for rehabilitation. Moreover, she's brilliant, friendly, and patient.

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