Pilates for Physical Therapy

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on building lean and toned muscles. Special attention is provided to the core, hips, and pelvic floor when participating in Pilates, with the goal of eliminating muscle imbalance and promoting flexibility and proximal muscle strength and stability. Pilates can be done without any equipment (mat Pilates), or it can be performed using specialized equipment. At Spring Forward, we utilize the Pilates Reformer and Tower apparatus during our treatment sessions. These machines work using springs to provide resistance or assistance with exercise.

Pilates is a great type of exercise to participate in when recovering from an injury or with managing acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The intensity of the exercises can be scaled to meet the needs of each individual patient. Our techniques will aid in improving overall body awareness, movement and posture, as well as increasing muscular strength. AfterPilates based sessions, Patients will also be provided with a “mat” based (aka equipment free) home exercise program that can be done in the comfort of their home, without the use of special equipment. We utilize Pilates as part of the rehabilitation process during PT sessions, but we are also available for private Pilates sessions.


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