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Spring Forward Physical Therapy offers New York’s elite rehabilitation. We believe that every injury and every patient is different, and thus every patient’s physical therapy will be individualized based on them, not their diagnosis. We don’t provide cookie cutter approaches. At Spring Forward Physical Therapy, you will get unparalleled care ensuring you heal quickly and well.

At Spring Forward Physical Therapy, we work hard to turn the rehabilitation of your injury into an improved level of wellness. This is achieved by providing the patient with insight and understanding into their injury and how it developed in the first place. We determine why the injury happened and work to correct it so that you will lessen your chances of getting hurt again.

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Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, & Post-Partum Physical Therapy

P3 Program

Pregnancy related low back pain (LBP) and pelvic girdle pain (PGP) are the most common conditions experienced by pregnant women. Upwards of to 80% of women experience LBP (30% describe pain as “severe”), while upwards of 65% of women experience PGP. Low back pain is considered pain that occurs between the sacrum and 12th rib. Pelvic girdle pain is defined as pain occurring between the iliac crest and gluteal fold, at the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis. Even after pregnancy, 68% of women report continuous low back pain, while 10% of LBP goes on to become chronic. Another common pregnancy related condition is stress urinary incontinence, which affects up to 85% of pregnant women.

Pre-Conception Physical Therapy

As a woman’s body changes with pregnancy, many postural, biomechanical, skeletal, ligamentous, and muscular changes occur.

Pre-Natal Physical Therapy

What factors contribute to a woman experiencing low back pain (LBP), pelvic girdle pain (PGP), weakness, and stress urinary incontinence?

Post-Partum Physical Therapy

Following delivery, your OBGYN will inform you when you are safe to return to exercise. Many women return to exercise within 2-6 weeks of delivery.

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Patient Testimonials


Review from

Source: Google | Sep 16, 2019

Let me tell you something about Dr. Danielle Weiss... she's simply a MIRACLE WORKER. I came in with neck and postural discomfort along with alignment issues. Within a few minutes, I felt lighter, looser and taller! Dr. Weiss' attention to...

Review from

Source: Google | Aug 28, 2019

I highly recommend Spring Forward PT! I suffered an ankle sprain in June of this year, and Danielle helped me recover quickly and effectively. As a competitive ultimate player, I was looking to get back to playing as soon as...

Review from

Source: Google | Jun 21, 2019

Lynn and his staff are amazing! A unique and highly proactive approach to treating the cause this ultimately fixing the problem.

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