Post Radical Prostatectomy

Having a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer may require pelvic floor rehab similar to the concept of how you would rehab your knee if you had a ACL repair with orthopedic physical therapy. Any type of surgery involves tissue healing and rehabilitation of the appropriate surrounding muscles to maintain optimal functioning. Due to the prostate, ligaments, and urethra being resected, urethral pressures become altered post op potentially leading to urinary incontinence.

Physical Therapy Post Radical Prostatectomy can:

1. Address urinary incontinence from weakened or tightened pelvic floor muscles
2. Address any scar restrictions from the procedure
3. Help return you to exercise for your overall optimal health.
4. A common complication post radical prostatectomy is the development of erectile dysfunction. Research has shown that early pelvic floor biofeedback muscle training post radical prostatectomy has positive impacts on the improvement and recovery of erectile dysfunction postoperative.


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