Post Surgical Rehabilitation Treatment

Your Doctor of Physical Therapy at Spring Forward PT will work closely with your surgeon to develop and implement your individualized rehabilitation program. Early post-surgical treatment focuses on reducing inflammation, promoting healing, brace/assistive device management, and re-introducing modified functional mobility. This phase typically includes manual therapy for edema and swelling reduction, gentle soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization, gentle stretching and ROM building, and modalities for pain relief. The focus will then shift to improving range of motion and soft tissue quality back to normal, increasing strength and stability, and discharging braces or assistive devices. We will continue to work on promoting improved biomechanics to optimize mobility and function. Lastly, we focus on return to full function and previous activities and ridding the body of any compensatory movement patterns. This may include advanced strengthening, balance training, proprioceptive training, plyometrics, and return to sport programming. All through the rehabilitation process your therapist will provide your surgeon with update and progress notes.


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