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Some Lessons From The Other End: Being a Patient as a Physical Therapist
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Life sometimes throws you curveballs. As physical therapists we are expected to be the image of excellent health and optimal musculoskeletal function. I loved physical therapy school and everything about it. I was an athlete is college and ran at a high level of competition at the University of Miami in FL so it was natural I gravitated towards physical therapy. I was use to taking every task at hand with 100 percent effort non- stop. I wasn’t just a jogger, I was a competitor. If it wasn’t all out then what was the point?   Life had different plans for me though, and these plans are what shaped me into a better physical therapist then if I went on into life without a hitch with my “go hard attitude.” Suddenly after having no pain all through my college track career, I was diagnosed with left sided hip dysplasia shortly after physical therapy school. I…

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Running, Jogging, Biking: How this is not actually “exercise”
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Lynn-Blog2Many patients come into the practice and say “I haven’t done my physical therapy exercises recently because I decided to go for a jog and that was plenty of exercise for me.”  Wrong. This is a common mistake made by both injured and …

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