One of our Physical Therapists, Danielle Weis, PT, DPT, OCS, was interviewed by WELL + GOOD to discuss HOW TO ACTUALLY HAVE GOOD POSTURE WHEN YOU’RE ZIPPING AROUND ON A BIKE THIS SUMMER.

She’s quoted as saying:

It’s also important to pay attention to how you pedal, surprisingly enough. “One of the biggest mistakes I see is the knees collapsing and moving inward as the cyclist rotates the pedals,” says Danielle Weis, PT, DPT, a physical therapist. “Over time, as the knees repetitively fall inward with every rotation, this can cause pain due to poor force distribution within the knee joint.” You can also have a lot of strain on the parts inside your knee, and this can all lead to tightness and limited mobility.

If you’re riding around with back pain, Weis says to raise the handlebars. “This allows the spine to remain more upright, taking some strain off the muscles and making it easier to keep in neutral alignment,” she says. Now I can stop riding on my bike like it’s a mobile couch.

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