Sammy-Blog2Our coach Samantha “Sammy” Davis started running in 2009, when her co-worker/neighbor coerced her to jog a few miles a week in Central Park. In 2011, Sammy’s personal bests peaked (1:06 Philadelphia Broad Street 10 miler, 1:28 Manhattan 1/2 Marathon and 3:18 Pittsburgh Marathon), and she hired a professional running coach to train for a goal time of 3:10 at the New York City 2011 Marathon. A running injury that summer put her training – and NYC marathon dreams – on halt. A slew of MRIs and a misdiagnosis (doctors said she had overrun herself into a hip stress fracture) frustrated her until she discovered Spring Forward PT and the healing touch of Lynn Berman in early summer 2012. Now she’s a recreational runner and avid swimmer, plotting her duathlon debut this summer.

“I firmly believe that ‘small steps lead to greatness’ and being grateful for those small steps will always improve your situation for the better,” says Sammy. “Many of us in this running group have struggled with the physical limitations of an injury. But we can choose to be grateful for the actions we can take right now – whether its running 1 mile or 10 – and feel good knowing that staying positive is part of the healing process and ultimately, the true fun behind any physical activity.”

by Sammy Davis

When not running or swimming in brightly colored attire, Sammy’s sharing her passion for sustainable secondhand style and inspiration from fashion’s past at Sammy Davis Vintage.