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Spring Forward Physical Therapy offers New York’s elite rehabilitation.  We believe that every injury and every patient is different, and thus every patient’s physical therapy will be individualized based on them, not their diagnosis.  We don’t provide cookie cutter approaches.  At Spring Forward Physical Therapy, you will get unparalleled care ensuring you heal quickly and well.


At Spring Forward Physical Therapy, we work hard to turn the rehabilitation of your injury into an improved level of wellness. This is achieved by providing the patient with insight and understanding into their injury and how it developed in the first place.  We determine why the injury happened and work to correct it so that you will lessen your chances of getting hurt again.


Physical Therapy Diagnoses


Select the Part of the Body you would like to explore


  • Knee Physical TherapyKnee Physical Therapy
  • Elbow Physical TherapyElbow Physical Therapy
  • Shoulder Physical TherapyShoulder Physical Therapy
  • Foot and Ankle Physical TherapyFoot and Ankle Physical Therapy
  • Back Physical TherapyBack Physical Therapy
  • Hip Physical TherapyHip Physical Therapy
  • Neck Physical TherapyNeck Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy P3 Program

Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, & Post-Partum Physical Therapy


The P3 program is a comprehensive, physical therapy program aimed at preventing and treating pregnancy related pain and urinary incontinence, improving conditioning and mobility, increasing strength and stability of the core, back, hips, and spine, and improving the overall physical health of new moms, moms-to-be and growing baby. Our program offers one-on-one, private treatment provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Treatment will consist of a combination of manual (hands-on) therapy, individualized therapeutic exercise prescription, ergonomic and postural correction, and neuromuscular re-education.



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