Redcord System and Neurac Method

What is the Redcord System and the Neurac Method?

Redcord® is a unique and specialized system of treatment that uses “bungee” slings and elastic rope cords to partially or fully suspend the body for physical therapy treatment, exercise and functional training. The resistance on the slings can be adjusted to make activities more or less challenging and to make sure there is no pain or unwanted muscular activity. Exercising in ropes and slings challenges your neuromuscular system to build exceptional core strength, muscle stability, and movement control. Redcord helps individuals recover faster from injuries, regain pain-free physical performance, and maintain general health and wellness.

The Neurac (aka NEURomuscular ACtivation) treatment method is applied to the Redcord system. This method uses scientific principles that screen the body for painful movements, neuromuscular dysfunctions and imbalances. Neurac ultimately focuses on specifically tailored exercise and neuromuscular re-education on the Redcord to activate, strengthen, and correct abnormal movement patterns, which may have been caused by an injury or condition. Often dramatic reduction of pain and immediate improvement of movement and function can be experienced.

Who provides Redcord treatment?

Spring Forward Physical Therapy is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Jessica Stein, PT, DPT, MSC, CNP, a Certified Neurac Practioner (CNP). CNPs have completed all the Neurac courses provided by Redcord, and they have passed the written exam that documents their competence.

How does it work?

Neurac treatment aims to:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Optimize neuromuscular control, muscle coordination, and strength
  • Restore full range of motion and functional movement patterns

Redcord has been researched, developed and utilized by physical therapists and other industry professionals around the world. There are more than 70 published scientific research studies and 25 years of practical evidence supporting its concepts and role in physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and fitness and performance training. New studies confirm that sling exercise training provides better results than conventional training and increases sport performance directly.


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