Physical Therapy of the Knee

Knee Physical Therapy

Whether you are an athlete or a seasoned walker, knee pain can limit, alter or inhibit your favorite activity.  A runner needs to run.  A parent has to play.  With many surgeries out there including knee replacements, recovery post-surgery is our top priority to get you well.  Post-op patients have shown their willingness to do whatever it takes.  We continue that mindset and will go above and beyond for you to get you back to your passion.

For those of you who are trying to avoid surgery, we will work our best to accomplish that goal.  We don’t just focus on what’s damaged.  Tears and deterioration don’t necessarily mean surgery.  With the proper mechanics and supporting strength, being pain free is possible.  We look at the entire body to determine what individual factors may be contributing and require supportive attention.  We never treat a diagnosis; we treat you.  And you’ll feel the difference.

ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)
PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)
MCL (medial collateral ligament
LCL (lateral collateral ligament)
Knee Replacement
Medial Meniscus
Lateral Meniscus
Runner’s knee
Patella Femoral Syndrome
Patellar Tendonitis
ITB Syndrome (Illiotibial Band Syndrome)
Osteoarthritis (OA)


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