Physical Therapy of the Back

Physical Therapy of the Back

Upon evaluation, we will determine the cause of your back pain through a thorough examination.  Our plan of care will be to fix the problem and not to simply decrease the symptoms.  We are trained in many advance manual techniques that will assist in your recovery such as McKenzie Method, Sharman style, trigger-point therapy, Active Release Technique (ART) and many other soft tissue techniques.  We won’t just put Electrical Stimulation on you with a hot pack.  We will provide you with individualized attention and care.  We will also make use of modalities and technologies such as Cold Laser Therapy, pneumatic traction machines and others.  Most important, you will gain insight on why you are feeling better each day of treatment and you can stay well.

Bulging Disk
Degenerative Disk Disease
Spinal Fusion
Rib Dysfunction
SI Joint Dysfunction


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