Physical Therapy for Concussion Recovery

Concussions are a common injury that affects people of all ages, activities levels and walks of life. They may occur from a number of mechanisms, not just an impact to the head. Any direct blow to the body that results in heavy forces transmitted through the head and neck can result in concussive symptoms. While most symptoms of concussion will self limit within 7 days to 6 weeks, symptoms can persist for longer periods of time.

Concussion recovery is often a multidisciplinary effort involving your doctor, your family, your coaches and trainers (if applicable), your physical therapist and of course, you. Physical therapy intervention is here to help you to recover normal ranges of motion, muscle tone, balance and function. We can work with you to address complaints of headaches, dizziness, eye fatigue, balance changes, difficulty focusing, inability to return to sport, etc.

For sports related concussion, physical therapy can help you return to play faster through graduated return to safe activity. We are here to monitor your vitals and symptoms in order to prescribe exercise at a level that will encourage recovery and maintain a baseline fitness level. PT can also be really important to prevent injury after return to sport following a concussion. A recent research article showed a 45% greater risk of lower body injury over 15 months post concussion and 38% greater over 2 years.(1) We can work together to ensure that your movement patterns and performance level are safe to return to what you love to do.

1. Kardouni JR, Shing TL, McKinnon CJ, Scofield DE, Proctor SP. Risk for lower extremity injury after concussion: A matched cohort study in soldiers. J Ortho Sports Phys Ther. 2018. 48(7);533-40.