Caroline F. (Neck Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

When I first came to Lynn I had been having spasms in my neck for years, and chronic carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms. I realized after the first session that I had come to an extraordinarily skillful therapist and healer. Lynn’s technique, his ability to communicate clearly, his sincerity, and his professional commitment helped me to make my own commitment to follow through with the exercises and return visits. The atmosphere at Spring Forward, and everyone working there, is warm, relaxed, and welcoming. Spring Forward is a special place that is truly dedicated to helping people!


Claudia S. (Frozen Shoulder)

A frozen shoulder can happen to anyone yet I was caught off-guard when it happened to me. I was told I would have to have surgery but I could try physical therapy first. Lynn gave me hope that maybe I would be able to avoid the surgery and we took one step at a time until I got back 100% use of my shoulder. He made the impossible, according to my physician, possible.

I am a healthcare professional and I carefully balanced my exercise between pilates twice a week, spinning 3-4 times, working with a trainer once a week, and total body classes with weights. But as daily activities became more difficult I finally sought help from an orthopedic specialist. I was referred by my doctor to Lynn but went to another physical therapy office that was closer to my home. After eight weeks without any change, I returned to the doctor and this time agreed to make an appointment to see Lynn. On my very first visit I felt better and regretted not coming to see him sooner! I was impressed with his knowledge and skills but also his creativity and compassion. In addition to the exercises and equipment, Lynn recorded my movements and taught me how to identify how a movement felt. This was a huge turning point for me that I have continued to work with while I exercise, preventing a recurrence of my injury. There are many physical therapy practices to choose from but I have never worked with anyone like Lynn. I highly recommend Spring Forward PT.


Kait S. (Hip Bursitis)

I highly recommend Spring Forward Physical Therapy. Kristen’s approach is very personalized; she helped me learn about my sports-related hip injury and customized my exercises to ensure a quick and lasting recovery. I had gone to 4 physical therapists before finding Spring Forward, and it was refreshing to find a physical therapist that took the time to learn about my background and personality to find the best treatment.


Lori R. (Back Pain)

My doctor highly recommended the therapists at Spring Forward and I soon learned why. With both a hip problem and a bad back, they addressed both ailments with professionalism and dedication. Their approach provided not just a short fix, but set up me up for a way to maintain a healthy body for the long term. But what I find most important is the personalized service. Never am I one of several patients that a therapist is juggling at the same time, which is true elsewhere that I have been. But instead, during my appointment, 100% of the therapist’s time is focused on me.


Nancy M. (Spinal Stenosis)

Lynn Berman is the BEST!!!! I would have never been in this super improved condition without him. Three spinal surgeons recommended surgeries that were massive and truly scary. After trying several other therapeutic modalities (accupuncture, chiropractic, decompression, etc.) with very little improvement,I put myself in Lynn’s magic hands. I followed his prescribed individualized exercise plan religiously and here I am, a whole new person without back surgery. I am forever grateful. The professional letters after his name, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy should be GPT for Genius Physical Therapist.


Susan S. (Rotator Cuff Tendonitis)

My shoulder hurt. But being reluctant to take it seriously, I managed to make it lots worse by continuing yoga and playing tennis…until I couldn’t. Neither massage nor acupuncture helped. Lynn’s patient, sensitive hands-on approach with the accompaniment of cold laser therapy has been wonderfully effective. He has a gentle, firm, encouraging manner, and knows what exercises will work best as the PT progresses. He’s also very witty. Beyond the pulley, stretchy straps, exercise tools and descriptions, he now advocates a new tennis racquet as a reward for all the time and hard work we’ve done to repair my rotator cuff.


Ross F. (Neck Pain – Pinched Nerve)

One morning I woke up with no strength in my right arm, I could not pick up a chair, I tried a push-up, and fell over – after a doctors appt and an MRI I learned I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and the doctor was ready to perform surgery which would had the side-effect of limited motion on my neck. I asked if there are options, he said “well, you can try physical therapy.” With limited desire to have my neck cut open and reducing my range of motion (I’m only 40), I had to good fortune to meet Lynn as my physical therapist.


Lynn’s table-side manner, professionalism, expertise, exercises, and manual manipulation (talented hands), solved my neck issue. I was able to play competitive tennis, ice hockey and golf, my true passions. Lynn inspired me to go to the gym regularly by planning safe and effective workout, he even spoke to the gym on my behalf to articulate my injury. Most important to me, is that he kept me out of surgery and truly fixed my issue. I have 100% trust in Lynn, so much so that I’ve recommended him to several friends and co-workers – Lynn helped them all, even on issues that other PTs were unable to resolve. I wish all my health care professionals were as talented in expertise and personality as Lynn.


Mary Beth R. (Disk Herniation / Lower Back Pain)

Lynn is quite simply an amazing Physical Therapist whom I recommend wholeheartedly. When I first came to see him, I had a very large herniated disc L5-S1 region. I was unable to walk and was in constant excruciating pain. Many surgeons recommended surgery and with Lynn’s expertise and treatment, he had me up and walking within weeks. He is more than just a physical therapist, he becomes your friend. He is dedicated to ensure you get the best quality treatment and he is responsive to emails even on weekends (in fact, he initiates the contact to check on your progress). This was quite an excruciating ordeal and without Lynn’s help and support, I don’t believe I would have made it. If you need any type of physical therapy, I implore you to visit Lynn, he will make the world of difference!


Annie M. (Achilles Tendon Tear)

Lynn and I have a long standing relationship! YEARS! He fixes me when I’m broken…and I’m broken a lot. He really knows the human body, which I expect from someone who I trust as much as my Dr. He’s helped my through hamstring injuries, multiple ankle injuries, shoulder stuff, alignment and now my Achilles. He’s the best out there! Now I feel lucky that if he’s not available I can trust his associate Kristen too!


Rebecca A. (Knee Pain / ITB Syndrome)

After running several long distance races in the beginning of 2012, I was finding that I would have severe pain in my right knee during and following the race, so bad in fact that walking and taking stairs was excruciating. A visit to a top Orthopedist at Lenox Hill Hospital led to a referral for physical therapy at Spring Forward PT.  I was a little nervous for my first appointment with Kristen, but she assured me after a thorough examination that my injury was common and reversible. We met twice a week for 10 weeks, in which time I received a customize exercise regimen complete with therabands to use at home as well as manual therapy and cold laser treatments. I was sad to “graduate” as both Kristen and Lynn are so fun to be around but I was also very excited that my injury had subsided to the point that I was back running pain-free. In fact, I have begun training for a half marathon in spring 2013. And, if I ever need a “tune-up” after a long race then I will welcome a chance to go back. However, I am happy to say that it was with Kristen’s guidance that I now have the information and resources to hopefully prevent any future injury.


Liz R. (Knee pain)

I was so inspired by my rehab that I have since decided to pursue a career in physical therapy, in the hopes of someday having the same positive effect on my patients that Lynn had on me.

I first came to Lynn for pain in my knees. As an avid runner, I was concerned that I would never return to my favorite exercise activity. Fortunately, this was not the case. Lynn was positive and encouraging throughout my treatment. He assured me that we would work together to get me back to my maximum strength and that I would eventually run again, safely and pain-free. He was right, and I have been running for the past 3 years without any knee issues. I have since returned to Lynn for various other injuries and experienced positive results each time. I have recommended him with confidence to many friends and colleagues in need of a physical therapist. His high standard of care and genuine commitment to his patients creates a comfortable and enthusiastic healing experience.


Rachel V. (Knee Capsule Tear)

When I first came to Lynn I had already been in physical therapy somewhere else for 3 months for a knee injury that until then had been diagnosed as hypermobility. But recurring pain and instability sent me back to my doctor and an MRI showed a tear in the joint capsule. Hesitant to operate, my doctor sent me specifically to Lynn. After my first visit, I was no longer limping, and after my second and third, I was walking with significantly less pain. In my experience, most PTs at this point would have felt that they met their treatment goal, and would have told me that I would just have to adjust to my injury. But Lynn knew that I had (perhaps unrealistic) expectations to do everything I did before the pain–including running and yoga. For well over six months we worked on strengthening and stretching, and Lynn even went on a lengthy search to find the exact knee brace I would need to be able to safely run again (and made it affordable!). All of this is to say that he consistently went above and beyond any of my experiences with other physical therapists. He cares about his clients, and has a complete understanding and, most importantly, immense appreciation of how the human body works. I felt that I was given completely individualized care, and I’ll no doubt be staying in touch.


Elliot W. (ACL Reconstruction)

Lynn is a great physical therapist PERIOD.

For those who don’t want to read a long review, Lynn saved me 1 surgery (partially torn rotator cuff) and is currently helping me heal from another (ACL Reconstruction). He is personable, attentive and will tailor your PT based on your individual needs, abilities and obviously, injury.

The first time I needed Lynn’s help was for a partially torn rotator cuff. I was told to do PT, but it seemed like surgery was in the cards. Lynn spent a lot of time working with me to strengthen the muscles around my shoulder. Ultimately, we were able to get it to a point where I felt 100% and got back to day to day activities which for me include lifting weights and playing basketball. Just those results should convince you that Lynn is worth seeing. However, that is not where it ends. It’s not just about the results. During the process Lynn highlighted issues with my posture when I walk as well as little cheats that I use when I lift weights. All of those were contributing factors to my injury. He also showed me ways to strengthen my shoulder and work on my core. He basically ensured that the risk of re-injury was lower and made it fun to keep the work up.

The second time I came to Lynn for PT was post ACL reconstruction and surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I emailed Lynn after surgery and he immediately called me. He gave some advice regarding things I could start doing a few days post-op. We then scheduled an appointment to start PT. I could get into all the different exercises and things that he showed me, but again from a results standpoint, I am weeks ahead of schedule according to both Lynn and the Dr. While I continue to work with him to get me better, it’s already evident that I’m on the right path thanks to Lynn’s guidance and treatment.

In addition to all the above help, Lynn makes you want to come to PT. He shares stories, jokes etc to make the time more enjoyable. Now all he needs to do is get me back on a basketball court (which is a few months away). I honestly wouldn’t use anyone else.


Mike K. (Severe Knee OA, DJD)

Long story short, if Lynn can’t make it work, surgery is your only option.

I’m a 45 year-old male with a severely damaged knee. When it started acting up again (i.e. I couldn’t walk), I went to my orthopedist expecting to get another “moderate” surgical procedure and be back to “normal” (i.e. walking). He told me that, at this point, my only realistic surgical alternative was a complete knee replacement and, given my age, he wasn’t keen on the idea. He prescribed PT but I don’t think he was that hopeful. I certainly was extremely skeptical. I’ve had several surgeries before and the PT never really helped much if at all. I reluctantly agreed (thinking that it would probably be a waste of time but that I had no other options).

My orthopedist sent me to Lynn and after just two visits I was walking without dragging my stiff, bent leg like the proverbial albatross. I told both Lynn and my orthopedist that I was nothing short of “shocked” at what he had accomplished in just 2 visits. I am still going for treatments and I have gained a lot of functionality/mobility back but there is still a lot of work to be done as I had lost a very significant amount of functionality/mobility in my knee. Through the manual and laser therapy, exercises and Lynn’s help with modifying aspects of my current exercise routine, I am confident that I will be able to postpone my knee replacement (with my “Humpty-Dumpty” knee it is inevitable) until I’m more age-appropriate for it.

On the human side, Lynn is a really good guy and a good, knowledgeable conversationalist; I enjoy my visits and I’m sure you will too. Of course, given what’s he accomplished, he could have the personality of Joseph Stalin or dry milk-toast and I’d still go back – the conversations are just a bonus.


May L. (Patella Femoral Syndrome, bilateral)

Initially, I was apprehensive to start physical therapy, concerned that my physical make-up was impervious to improvement, and I was also concerned that PT would become another thing on my list that I would procrastinate from doing. But working as a med-surg nurse, doing 12 1/2 hrs on my feet per shift, I could no longer put off attempting to improve my knee condition (pain and swelling from osteoarthritis in both knees) as my pain was starting to interfere with my livelihood. Literally walking into Lynn’s studio changed my apprehension to anticipation. Going biweekly instantly became something I looked forward to. Not only was working with Lynn fun, but I felt like I was learning about myself and the body in general, and being challenged and challenging myself in a manageable way. Lynn used different techniques and approaches to help me to heal: using his hands in a way that felt intuitive, using tools that seemed magical, and using methods that ultimately worked. But the most important thing was that my pain subsided over a surprisingly short amount of time and my ability to work as a nurse is no longer complicated by my knee troubles. To this day I maintain my daily PT routine at home, with Lynn’s clear instruction echoing in my head like a steady encouragement.


Pam T. (Lower Back Pain)

I’ve known and worked with many chiropractors and neuromuscular therapists throughout my 40 years of practicing yoga.  None had nor have Lynn’s extraordinary gift.

I suffered with lower back pain for five years after a yoga injury before finally seeing an orthopedist who sent me to Lynn Berman for physical therapy. Lynn single-handedly brought me back to good health within a very few months. Each session Lynn would go over the previous sessions work to be sure I wasn’t getting any bad habits. He’d then teach me new exercises to do. And, then would manipulate my spine and reeducate my lower back muscles…ending the session with soothing hot pads.

I walked out after the first session with hope for the first time in years that maybe I wasn’t going to have to live with lifelong pain.  And I didn’t!


Wesley G. (ACL Tear /Meniscus Tear / MCL Tear)

Upon hearing that I tore my ACL and Meniscus, other than surgery, my immediate thought was how grueling physical therapy would be. As a patient, I had the opportunity to choose any company that I wanted to rehab with. But that was the issue, I didn’t want to be just another patient – and I wasn’t. Being referred to Spring Forward was the best reference I have ever had.

I’ve had rehab with other physical therapy companies for various knee injuries and there was always the feeling that I was just another customer to help them get paid. Working with Lynn & Spring Forward was different. Each week that I showed up, I would always see Lynn, and the atmosphere was a lot better.

As tough as rehab can be, Lynn was able to make it both challenging and fun. Every couple of weeks, the workouts would change and Lynn would give me a test on my knee to see how much progress I made. I can honestly say that I looked forward to working with Lynn week in and week out. Thanks to his expertise and knowledge I was able to recover sooner than anticipated!

I hope I never sustain another injury again, but if I do, I would gladly choose to rehab with Lynn and Spring Forward.


Komal B. (Cervical Radiculopathy)

I was experiencing an acute pain in my right and left elbow and pinky fingers for about 1.5 years. I was unable to carry anything heavy – felt very weak in my arms – would constantly wake up with numbness and a tingling in my forearm.  I was unable to sleep soundly.  I met with many neurologists who failed to give me a firm diagnosis.  I had frankly given up hope that I would ever find a cure for my condition.

When I met with Lynn – he was extremely confident that my condition was curable and there would come a day when I would have no pain.  He diagnosed me with Radiculopathy and realized that the pain in my elbow was caused primarily due to an abnormality in my neck. He is currently still treating me – and I am almost 90% pain free.

Lynn is one of the best and i would recommend and trust his opinion over my doctor’s.


Amy F. (Meniscus Tear)

Who knew that treatment for a torn meniscus could be so enjoyable? Lynn provided truly caring therapy to bring my knee back to full health. His expertise and fun personality made every session an education and a delight. I almost hope for another injury so I could go back! I recommend Spring Forward Physical Therapy to everyone.


Steve S. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

I have been a patient of Lynn’s for the past 3 years and I have only great things to say about him. Not only is he a knowledgeable and talented therapist but he is also a nice, easy going guy that I look forward to seeing every time I have an appointment. Unlike other physical therapists, Lynn spends each session working exclusively with one client. He has treated me for 3 separate problems, each time accurately diagnosing the issue and helping me heal in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, Lynn has never pressured me to keep visiting him after my injuries have been addressed. In each case, he has helped me heal in the minimum number of sessions needed and then given me exercises to continue with at home. Finally, Lynn is a really kind hearted and funny guy that I genuinely like to spend time with. He makes physical therapy almost feel like I’m having a beer at the bar with a friend! I highly recommend Lynn and Spring Forward Physical Therapy.


Charlotte M. (Total Knee Replacement)

The therapy I received at Spring Forward both before and after my knee replacement surgery has proven invaluable to my recovery, and the continuing exercise routines that I was taught have made me feel much stronger every day.

Not only is Lynn an excellent therapist but you make the entire experience most pleasant and rewarding.  He provides therapy for the mind as well as the body and that is a gift.  It is a pleasure and honor to know him.


Jim E. (Wrist Fracture)

I was recommended to Lynn Berman by a friend while recovering from a broken wrist. She had only used Lynn for leg injuries, but to paraphrase her recommendation — he was simply the best, so my wrist injury shouldn’t be a problem.

When I arrived at Lynn’s office, my wrist was fresh out of the cast, couldn’t bear any weight and the slightest rotation was painful. What stood out immediately about Lynn was his knowledge about exactly what I was going through, and ultimately would go through over the next 6 weeks, and his expertise with respect to my specific injury.  What became apparent and appreciated throughout my visits was the highly individualized care I received.  During my appointments I was the only patient, so all energy could be easily focused on my recovery. Lynn combined what appeared to be state-of-the-art equipment (I do no pretend to be an expert here), with easy to understand take-home exercises and even self-crafted tools to focus on specific aspects of my wrist’s healing process.  I can honestly say that my time in the office was fun, and I looked forward to my visits.

Shortly after my therapy, I was able to resume my daily activities, exercising and even playing football (the culprit) without the slightest pain or discomfort.  I have happily, perhaps zealously recommended Lynn to any friend in need of physical therapy, and he continues to receive my strongest recommendation today.


Carmen C. (Knee Pain)

I set an appointment with Lynn over a year ago because I was having knee problems after running a half marathon and wanted to make sure my knee would be OK before training for the NYC marathon that November.  I felt comfortable with Lynn right from the beginning.  I didn’t feel like I was talking to a doctor, rather, a fellow athlete who understood both the physical pain and emotional pain of not being able to do something.

After a couple of sessions with Lynn I still wasn’t feeling great.  Lynn never gave up hope and reinforced the fact that I would feel worse before feeling better.  Throughout my sessions, Lynn continuously introduced new and varied exercises that would make me stronger.  After months of physical therapy with Lynn I was healed and able to run again!!!

Lastly, Lynn is professional, provides undivided attention to his patients and will work with you to ensure you pain goes away.  He will quickly become someone you call a friend, even if you only see him once a week for 30 minutes.


Sandra M. (Spinal Stenosi)

The individual care and follow up treatment hastened my recovery from severe back pain and limited mobility.  With hard work, I was able to steadily improve without medication or surgery.


Kevin B. (Lower Back Pain / Multiple Herniated Disks)

In early 2010 I started having some discomfort sitting. The pain was in my lower back. I got an x-ray and the doctor said my back looked like that of 65 year old man (I was 38) and said that he had operated on similar cases. I then got an MRI, which showed I had two herniated discs in my lower back. I went to rehab at one place and I felt like I was in a factory, with little attention given to me. My back wasn’t getting better and I started thinking I was going to have to get surgery.

I saw Lynn and on the first visit I started feeling more optimistic.  He quickly diagnosed that my hips needed to be strengthened and he was very optimistic he could heal me. He always performed hands on treatment each rehab session and then taught me various strengthening exercises.  After a few weeks I started feeling better, after a six weeks I started feeling like my old self and after three months I was completely better. The combination of Lynn’s ability to diagnose my problem, his optimistic attitude, his ability to message the stress out of my back, and his knowledge of how to strengthen my hips and core all played a role in my successful back rehabilitation. I used to always look forward to my rehab with Lynn because he is such an optimistic person, witty, and funny and I was always confident he would make me feel better after each rehab session.

In the summer of 2011 I had a partial tear in my MCL. I saw Lynn immediately after seeing the doctor because I knew he would help me rehab it back to health. Sure enough, six weeks later I was surfing again.  In the Fall of 2011 I had a painful crick in my neck. I went to Lynn and it was better in 15 minutes. It was amazing.

A coworker of mine was having serious back pain in the winter of 2011. He saw several doctors and no one could help him. I recommended Lynn and now he is completely better.

Another friend of mine tore a tendon in his shoulder when he grabbed a railing as he slipped down some stairs. He had pain for a year and was on the verge of a surgery when I insisted that he see Lynn. He thanked me the other day because his shoulder is back to normal after two months of rehab with Lynn’s colleague.


Erica S. (Multiple Injuries)

Spring Forward Physical Therapy helped my family and I many times when we were in severe pain and very frustrated from our injuries. We have seen them for rotator cuff, back, hip and elbow injuries. Each and every time they have made themselves available and have worked tirelessly to be sure we were cured. The individual attention and kindness is what makes the office so great. The professionalism and knowledge far exceeds any other office we have tried.


Josh A. (Neck Bulging Disk)

I was suffering pain in my upper back and neck, and wasn’t sure why. Lynn Berman diagnosed the problem, explained it to me clearly, and developed a personalized treatment program that worked. I saw improvement almost immediately. After 6-8 weeks of treatment I was back to normal. It’s been over 9 months and I have had no back problems. Lynn is always accessible, caring and able to explain the science behind what he is doing in a way that is easy to understand. I felt the treatment I received was customized and personal.


Bill S. (Ankle Pain)

Lynn helped me recover from my ankle injury. I had previously tried physical therapy for this injury but still had severe pain in my ankle.

Prior to my injury I was able to take brisk, long walks. This was my main aerobic exercise. At my first treatment session, Lynn told me he was optimistic that I would regain the ability to take brisk walks. Despite my doubt, over a period of about two months, through the exercise program Lynn designed, I gradually strengthened my ankle. I was able to wear sneakers without experiencing pain and felt confident that I could exercise more intensely.

I continue to make progress. My goal is to try personal training to build on the progress I have made thus far. I highly recommend Lynn as a physical therapist.


Betsy H. (Foot pain)

Lynn targeted the exact spot that needed help (which was different from the doctor’s diagnosis!), gave me exercises and only a few sessions of therapy and fixed me up with cheerfulness and casual good will. Every time I climb stairs now I am physically reminded that I no longer have pain in that spot!


Emile C. (Meniscus Tear)

I have been a patient at Spring Forward for several months now as I injured my IT band/knee at the gym doing squats. I am so pleased that my Orthopedist recommended Spring Forward! The level of professionalism at this practice is impressive. Within a few sessions my IT band was much better as I had massages, rehab exercises, and targeted stretches performed. Besides the physical portion of the therapy, I was given practical advice to help keep my active lifestyle. Lynn has always been extremely knowledgeable and accessible if I had any specific questions not only with my IT band but with other sports related injury questions. I really could not ask for more from a physical therapy practice.


L.H. (Patella Fracture)

After a devastating accident in which I broke my knee cap in three places, I was sent to Lynn Berman for physical therapy, once the cast was off.

Given the degree of my injury, I was very concerned about how much function I would get back in my knee and, by extension, my leg. From the very beginning Lynn knew exactly how far to challenge me to go in my therapy, to maximize results while at the same time not overtaxing me and hurting my results. His intuitive intelligence, accompanied by a tremendous knowledge about the structure and function of the human body, always encouraged me and gave me confidence that I was in the best hands possible.

Indeed, my recovery proceeded faster than my surgeon expected, something I attribute in large part to Lynn’s professionalism and attention to what my body was telling him.

I cannot thank Lynn enough for putting me back together again. I will always be grateful for his care and support.


J.K. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Lynn treated me for carpal tunnel syndrome. My hand surgeon wanted to operate on both wrists and was extremely doubtful that physical therapy with Lynn would make any difference. However, he prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy. When I went for my follow-up visit, my hand surgeon was completely shocked: no surgery was necessary, nor was any further physical therapy. My hand surgeon said he never saw such a complete recovery.

Lynn is very professional, and also very amiable and astute at noticing even small changes and adjusting treatment accordingly. His positive and encouraging attitude, along with his effective treatment, makes Spring Forward the place to turn to when you need treatment for your pain.


Julia K. (Foot Pain)

When I first met Lynn Berman, I could barely stand. My feet, ankles, and legs were so swollen that they looked like water balloons. My foot doctor told me I needed surgery for plantar fasciitis and joint coalition on both feet, which meant using crutches for at least 6 weeks. I asked for an alternative, and she sent me to Lynn. He was incredibly attentive and insightful during my assessment. When he began treating me with his magic hands, Lynn thoroughly explained the way his methods would ameliorate my pain and answered my many questions, which eased my anxieties. More importantly, at my follow-up visit with my foot doctor, she saw such a marked improvement that she determined I could completely avoid surgery through continued manual and laser physical therapy with Lynn, as well as supplementing my sessions with his recommended stretches. I went from excruciating pain from merely standing to being able to race through the city again.


Gabi K. (Meniscus tear)

I ran the NYC Half-Marathon for the first time in March 2012. I had never done any running before and during my training, I experienced pain and stiffness in my knee that was making it difficult to keep up with race preparations. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Lynn and he quickly identified the source of the problem. He tailored a program of therapy to help fix my injury, including a plan of easy-to-follow stretching exercises I could do in between appointments. I had never had physical therapy before but Lynn’s good humor and professionalism really put me at ease. I valued the individual attention I got from Lynn because I felt we were both really focusing on my therapy together. I quickly began to share his confidence that I would succeed on race day, and I think that definitely complemented the physical therapy.


Terri P. (Plantar fasciitis)

Lynn Berman gave me the best PT care I ever had. I’ve been to other PT offices, and Spring Forward PT is far above the rest. You get individualized attention- the focus is on you, and you alone. Instead of just watching you work on various machines, Lynn maneuvers your body. Due to the attention I got, my recovery was fast.

Lynn’s office offers a boutique spa retreat feel versus the feeling of being in a large gym.  I’ve recommended Lynn’s office to family and friends. All were very happy.


Paul S. (Rotator Cuff Tendonitis)

I saw Lynn after my rotator cuff surgery. Lynn got me back to full motion and a regular exercise routine far quicker than I originally thought possible. Lynn is attentive and friendly. More importantly, he is a real professional.


Dena C. (BPPV Vertigo)

I was diagnosed by my doctor with BPPV which is a form of vertigo. The only way to remove the dizziness was through PT. After a referral from one of my friends, I called Lynn and talked to him about my condition. He was very honest and told me it wasn’t his specialty but that he felt confident. I decided to give it a try anyway. Well I am glad I did because Lynn was able to resolve the vertigo in only a few attempts. He was very different from other PT’s as he actually explained the treatment. He was not only professional and knowledgeable  but he was also friendly and personable. I would strongly recommend Lynn to all my family and friends.


Anita W. Registered Nurse (Lumbar Radiculopathy)

Spring Forward to warm, personalized therapy in a a peaceful, healing environment. The best physical therapy program in New York City. Thanks Kristen!


Chris F. (Meniscus tear / piriformis syndrome)

I’ve had two amazing experiences with Lynn.

The first time I went, I’d hurt my glut while playing squash and, thinking I tore something because I couldn’t lunge, I thought I’d be out for a few months. Lynn quickly identified the issue and diagnosed the injury and was very positive that I’d be back to playing in a few weeks – and I was!

The second time I saw him was when my knee swelled up and I couldn’t put weight on it.   I couldn’t walk up stairs without pain, and thought I wouldn’t be playing for a long time. After a lot of hands-on treatment and a new exercise regime, Lynn had me back on the squash court in only three weeks.

Lynn does two things better than any other physical therapist that I’ve seen.  He’s truly gifted with his hands and you feel better before you’re even off the treatment table.  He does a great job identifying the underlying issue behind your injury and creating a home routine to help fix that problem.

Other great points – in my experience, he’s been more optimistic (and accurate) than I am with a time frame for resuming activity. We only have appointments until the problem is fixed or I can manage it on my own, instead of having to commit to some arbitrary number of visits. He’s a great conversationalist. And the office helps make the insurance process easier – I had two insurance billing issues, and instead of getting the usual “go talk to your insurance company”, he (and Tanisha) were very helpful in sorting them out.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Lynn. It almost makes me wish he didn’t fix the problems so I’d have an excuse to go back!